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Ekonomik Yaklaşım (EY) is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal (indexed in EconLit) published regularly by Ekonomik Yaklasim Association (EYD) of the Department of Economics of Gazi University in Ankara (Turkey). The journal is a refereed scientific journal since the first issue. The first issue of Ekonomik Yaklaşım journal has been published in 1980 and including last issue a total of 93 issues have been published within 25 volumes.

Ekonomik Yaklaşım journal organizes scientific congresess in every 2 years since 1999. Until now, 8 congresses has been organized. 

The EY International Congress on Economics II (the 9th Congress of Ekonomik Yaklaşım since 1999) will be held on November 5-6, 2015 in Ankara/Turkey.The main subject of the congress is determined as "Growth, Inequality and Poverty".

Academics, researchers, sector representatives and other related participants are respectfully invited to contribute to our congress. Because this is an international congress, all activities will be conducted and spoken in English (there will not be simultaneous translation). However, Turkish papers are also welcome since some sessions will be organized for Turkish papers. Note that each paper will undergo rigorous double-blind peer-review to ensure high quality papers. 

On behalf of the organising committees, we very much hope that you will be able to join us in Ankara!

We invite submissions on - but not limited to -  the following main topics:
  • United Nations Millennium Development Goals 
  • Fiscal Structuring and Fiscal Policy
  • Monetary Policy
  • Financial Markets
  • Emerging Markets
  • Poverty
  • Education and Human Capital
  • Income Distribution and Inequality
  • Economic Growth and Development
  • Labor Market
  • Energy Economics and Policies
  • Agricultural Economics and Policies
  • Climate Change and Economic Impacts
  • Market and the Role of Government
  • Industrial Structuring
  • Technology and Innovation Policies
  • Economic Modelling
Photos from the previous congress (EYC2013) 
Erdem BAŞÇI (Governor of Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey)

Robert WADE (LSE, Leontief Prize in Economics 2008)



Ayhan KÖSE (World Bank)